Apr 20

Never to early to put it on the calendar!

Local Time: 1800 hrs Friday December 5th to 1800 hrs Saturday December 6th, 2014

This annual event is always the first Friday / Saturday of December each year.  Ham Operators, operating from their local National Weather Service Offices around the country, are trying to contact as many other NWS offices as possible during a 24 hour period that runs from 6pm CDT Friday until 6pm CDT Saturday.  Modes used include HF Voice, EchoLink, and IRLP.

Access is limited at the local NWS office due to space constraints and the fact that the meteorologists are actively working in the same room, so the noise level and disruption factor is a concern.

Operators are scheduled to work in groups of no more than 3 in multiples of 2 hour shifts!

All classes of licensed Amateur Radio Operators are encouraged to participate.  This is a great opportunity for Technician class operators to get some HF time in the early morning shifts with a General or Extra class on the roster!

All equipment is on-site and set up except for headphones!  Highly recommended!

Visitors are limited to those who RSVP before the event! No drop in visitors!  Please, if you would like to come by just to visit, you MUST be on the roster!

To volunteer for a 2 hour shift or more, Contact event coordinator Louis – K5STX at k5stx@k5stx.net or k5stx@hillcountryreact.org!  Sign up early, the based slots go fast!

Apr 20

Tejas Trails Cactus Rose 100 BuckleTitle: Tejas Trails – Cactus Rose 100/50 Ultra-Marathon
Location: Hill Country State Natural Area – Bandera County, TX
Link out: Click here

Description: Public Service Event coordinated Hill Country REACT and supported by Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club and other Amateur Radio Operators from around the state.
Amateur Radio Operators provide voice and data communications between Race Central and 2 remote check points along the course. As this event has grown substantially since it’s inception, reliable communications for Safety and Logistics has grown in importance. Amateur Radio Operators are challenged during this 36 hour long event, having to provide everything to keep their stations up and running, with no permanent infrastructure to support communications.

We utilize 2m and 70cm voice, as well as packet communications for various needs during this event.

As with all Tejas Trails events, the recognition and appreciation of all the volunteers, especially the communications group is heartfelt, from top to bottom of the organization and the participants. Having worked various types of events throughout the years, the Tejas Trails group knows how to take care of it’s volunteers.

Individuals interested in assisting or more information should contact coordinator Louis – K5STX at k5stx dot net or 830-305-2889
Start Date: 2014-10-25
Start Time: 05:30
End Date: 2014-10-26
End Time: 17:30

Apr 15

2014_BPMS150_LogoThis year the San Antonio area volunteers staffed 6, of the 35 SAG Vans, to help out during last weekend’s BPMS150.  Five of the six were ham radio operators. We had a couple other SAG Teams scheduled, but they unfortunately had to drop out for various reasons.

We picked up our vans at CAPPS Van Rental near the SA Airport, filled up the gas tanks at the nearby Valero, and headed to Houston after we got all of our equipment hooked up inside.

The event was extremely windy both days, but we did not get any rain until we reached Bastrop around noon. Fortunately the forecast for nasty weather (rain & temperature drops) did not materialize, so the riders only had to contend with that wind (gusting up to 30+ mph).

Here are the names & call signs (if applicable) of our 6 SAG Teams.

  • SAG 11 – Charlie KC5NKK & nephew Jason
  • SAG 12 – Lee N5NTG & David KD5MTJ
  • SAG 18 – Joe W5AUQ & grandson, Tristan
  • SAG 19 – Russ K5FJR and Duane
  • SAG 24 – Jeffery & Mary Anne N5MYN
  • SAG 27 – Mark & Barbara Brigance

Be sure to watch the video I just uploaded to YouTube.com.

I put one typo in the headers to see if anyone was watching it! :)

Apr 10

by Bob Rodriguez, K5AUW

We will be offering a 3 day class on Saturdays, beginning Saturday, May 10th, using the facilities of the new Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Hospital.  There will be no charge for taking the class, but there will be the usual testing fee of $15 to take the test on the third day. We will be using the Gordon West, W5YI General Class Book to conduct the class, with some hands-on demonstrations, not just the dry boring learning the correct answers to the questions on the test.

If you currently hold the a Technician Class Amateur Radio license, this class is for you.

Note: This event does conflict with the Tour de Cure bicycle ride on the first day (May 10th).  Contact instructor if you want to work the Tour de Cure, but still participate in the class, but you will have to make up the missed material covered in the first day’s sessions. – Lee N5NTG

Where:  Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Hospital, 11212 Hwy. 151 (past Sea World on the inbound access road between Westover Hills Blvd. And Wiseman Blvd.)  (Main hospital entrance is on the left side of the Hospital as seen from the highway.) Conference rooms A&B.

When:   Saturdays, May 10, 24 & 31, 9AM to 5PM.  Attendees should attend all three sessions.  Test will be given Saturday, May 31 at 3PM.

Cost:   $15 for exam.

Recommended study material:  Gordon West, W5YI General Class Book

For additional information, please Bob Rodriguez at (210) 887-6618 or via email using bobrod@flash.net with “ham class” in the subject line.

Apr 10

Spring_Is_In_The_AirSpring is in the air, and that means our public service events have started up again, just like Spring flowers.

Help is needed for all of these events.  Contact person will be listed for each event below. Don’t wait to be asked, volunteer now!

  • April 19th – Bexar County ARES – HT Rodeo. See link to story already posted.  Pre-register by sending your name and call sign to HTrodeoRSVP@gmail.com.  Only those pre-registered by April 12th will be able to participate in the weeklong Roundup event leading up to the rodeo. Details on how to participate will be return emailed. Bring your HT to the event -preferably charged up and ready to rodeo!
  • April 27th – Fiesta Wildflower 100 Bicycle Tour.  This is a one day, Sunday event, starting / ending at Morgan’s Wonderland, near Wurzbach Parkway & Thousand Oaks, on the NE side of San Antonio.   Routes go up toward Canyon Lake and over past New Braunfels toward Seguin.   Hams are needed to staff around 9-10 rest stops, plus net control. We’ll have motorcycle marshal support on the course, but no active SAG support (unless the organizer changes their normal operations).  Rumor has it that the event organizer will be reimbursing fuel expenses by the hams and motorcycle marshals who support the event.  I’m still trying to confirm that rumor (that I got from one of the organizers).Please contact Lee Besing N5NTG direct via email at info@sanantoniohams.org with “Fiesta Wildflower 100″ in the subject line. Cell contact is 210-771-7075 (voice / text okay).
  • May 3rd – Bulverde 5k/10k Senior Citizens Run.  This is a half day (morning) event held in Bulverde, Texas, starting / ending at the Bulverde Senior Citizens Center next to the Fire Station on Cougar Bend & FM1863. Around 8 hams are needed for this event.  Hill Country REACT is coordinating the event. This is a mobile /  HT event using a local repeater.Please Contact Charlie Land KC5NKK via email using kc5nkk@hillcountryreact.org with “Bulverde Run” in the subject line.
  • May 10th – American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure.  This is a one day Saturday event, with the start/finish at Retama Park (loop 1604 & IH-35). We expect 4 different routes this year, instead of 5, but the coverage area is still spread out.  We anticipate having around 9 break points, plus 10 SAG vans that need Ham teams to drive / navigate. We’ll also have the Safellite Auto Glass cars helping out on the shorter routes as usual.     We need hams for break points (rest stops), SAG drivers and net control help.  We normally have APRS coverage for this event, but that hasn’t been locked down yet due to personal health issues affecting our usual APRS team from Austin. No background check or DMV check required, but drivers will need to provide copies of their current valid drivers licenses.Please contact Lee Besing N5NTG direct via email at info@sanantoniohams.org with “Tour de Cure” in the subject line. Cell contact is 210-771-7075 (voice / text okay).
  • May 25th – 4th annual American Hero 25k Relay Run.  This annual event has a new location on the south side of town. This is a one day Sunday event. The start / finish will be at the Texas A&M University – San Antonio Campus, near south Loop 410 and Zarzamora (Address is on University Way).  Unknown route at this time, but it will be a 5k looped route, that the participants will run 5 times. Since it’s a relay run, some of the runners will be relay runners while others run the full length.   Last year it lasted until around 2pm.   This will likely be a simplex mobile to mobile or HT operation since repeater coverage in that area is very skimpy.  See http://americanhero25krelay.org/ for event details.  I expect to need about 8-10 hams to cover the route.Please contact Lee Besing N5NTG direct via email at info@sanantoniohams.org with “American Hero 25k Relay” in the subject line. Cell contact is 210-771-7075 (voice / text okay).
Apr 10

Canyon Lake ARC LogoHey guys,

I just got conformation from Lynn Lindsey and he will be the guest speaker at our next meeting. Lynn coordinates emergency services for Comal county and will discuss what the county currently does regarding emergency communications. He will also discuss how the ham community can play a bigger role with the county.

Please invite any other hams that may not be on my email list. If you know of any ham I should add to the list please send me their information and I will make sure they are included.

This meeting will be held on May 8th, starting at 6:30pm, in the Tye Preston Library.

Tye Preston Library – See web link here  http://www.tpml.org/
16311 South Access Road
Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

Also anyone on Facebook here is the link to the CLARC page.


As a club we have discussed trying to help local hams get back on the air. If you need help or know a ham that may need help changing coax, tower work etc.. please email me and let me know. It is in all our interest to get everyone on the air that has the desire.


Mike AB5EB

Mar 24

calendarI’ve replaced the older calendar of events application that I had been using, with a new version.  I feel the new version will be easier and more intuitive for users to add their own events to the calendar.  All users, who have been bumped higher than the default “subscriber” level, should be able to add their own events.

With this new version, if you have a repetitive event (like a monthly meeting, etc.), you can create the first event, then return back to that event and change the date and click the “COPY” button at the bottom of the input screen.  That will duplicate the entry and place it on the date chosen.  I’ve started entering dates for most of the local ham clubs, but it becomes such mind boring / dumbing work after awhile, that I took a break.  I’ll resume when I have some more spare time.

I will be adding in future public service events as well as posting the info to the BLOG area (where you are reading this article).

Volunteers are always needed, so don’t hesitate about raising your hand. Prior experience is not a requirement, as we all started out with the same amount of experience in the beginning, that being “none”.  We’ll place you in a position or with another more experienced ham, according to your comfort level and equipment abilities.

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Mar 24

EchoLink_LogoThe Echo-Link Station K5NNN-L, is now running on 146.52 MHz national calling frequency.  It is located at my house, at 940ft M.S.L. The antenna is a 7.2 dbi gain antenna and sits  on top of a 2 story house on a 20ft mast so it sit a about 1,000 feet about M.S.L. in Bexar County (San Antonio, TX). The location is near Vance Jackson, between Callaghan and Wurzbach Rd. For a more exact location, look up my callsign on QRZ.com.   You can hook up thru you cell phone also, using the Android or iPhone applications…

This EchoLink is programmed not interrupt any stations and will allow better communications with hams traveling thru the San Antonio, Texas metro area, or hams traveling away from home who want to communicate back into San Antonio. There is a regular Monday night net on 146.52 by the Unusual Suspects ham group and this would enable members of that group to participate in the net, even if they aren’t physically within radio range of everybody else on the net.

The Station ID is set to go off at 7 minutes after the hour and only takes less than a second. If it detects the frequency is busy, it waits until a gap before announcing. When a ham connects via EchoLink from their computer or cellphone, it will announce the ham’s call sign who is connected, once when they are first connected.  After that, it’s up to the ham to properly identify their own call sign.  It’s output is a little over 150 watts. This EchoLink station can hear very well and reaches out to between 30 and 50 miles from this location, depending upon terrain.

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Mar 18

HT Rodeo!
Sponsored by your friendly neighborhood ARES group!

Saturday, April 19, 2014 @ Red Cross on E Houston St, 78219

This All-day event starts at 9:00AM

  • HT Contests!
  • Antenna Shootout (2M)!
  • Prizes!
  • Free Picnic Lunch!
  • Educational workshops and seminars!
  • Free!
  • -No admission charge
  • -No entry fee
  • -No charge for lunch
    • (Desserts and snacks will be available for a small charge)
  • -No charge for workshops

To Participate:

  1. Pre-register by sending your name and call sign to HTrodeoRSVP@gmail.com Only those pre-registered by April 12th will be able to participate in the weeklong Roundup event leading up to the rodeo. Details on how to participate will be return emailed.
  2. Bring your HT to the event -preferably charged up and ready to rodeo!

Ruth Lewis KE5MHJ
Bexar County ARES EC

Mar 17

HamEXPO is March 29, 2014!

Registration now active!

Your opportunity to sell and buy product or distribute and receive information to about 1,200 people on a Saturday morning. All indoor spaces have free electricity. There are a limited number of spaces against the wall.

Location: Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas (301 West Loop 121)

  • Only 50 miles north of Austin!
  • Just 130 miles north of San Antonio!
  • 140 miles south of Dallas / Ft. Worth!
  • 165 miles northwest of Houston!

Admission fee for the public is $5.00 per person at the door (children under 12 get in free). Includes one free raffle ticket (a $2.00 value).

The DEADLINE for registering online is 10:00AM, Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

Questions? Please contact us!


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